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Meet the Crew

Maine Focus Media is a family owned and operated video centric mixed media outlet just outside Philadelphia, PA. 

cadillac 1.jpg

Adela & Daphne on top of Cadillac Mountain, Arcadia National Park, ME in 2015.

Fun Fact: Maine Focus Media is not located in Maine. We are based outside Philadelphia but founder Benjamin Zaitz (aka Ben/Me/I) was raised midway between Bangor and Bar Harbor, right next to the Lucerne Inn. I got to spend some really important years there, from preschool through high school. It was only upon returning down the road a bit as someone who had spent years in cities that I realized how lucky I was to be raised where I was by the great folks who live there.

I fell in love and got married and became a dad to two daughters. Pretty early on I took her to Maine, and then of course we took them to Maine, and now it is a part of us all. And so it is with great anticipation that w
e look forward to our family tradition of returning to Maine whenever possible.

Annemarie: wife, mother & best friend.

Queen Victoria & Shrek. Halloween 2021 is in the books with a near record haul. 


Adela kayaking on Phillips Lake, Lucerne, ME in 2018.

Annemarie and I met in January 2004 and were married in October 2005. Today, we have two daughters - Adela, almost 13 and Daphne, 10. In addition, we have a dog named Betsy, a spotted salamander named Drexel and three cats: Nora, Winnie, and Blaze. Winnie and Blaze are siblings. Annemarie is a social worker and I'm a marketer and media producer who creates videos for businesses and brands. Thank you for checking us out! 


Daphne kayaking on Phillips Lake, Lucerne, ME in 2018.


The fam overlooking the bay in Blue Hill, ME, 2018.

While we love video a lot at Maine Focus Media, we love animals even more. We've had our share over the years and we are currently maintaining three cats, one dog, & a spotted salamander. Meet our gaggle below! 


Winnie peering out at the outside world.


Betsy, Winnie & Blaze had a rough start but now are besties.


Kittens Winnie (aka Bean) and Blaze (aka Nuggie).


Adela's spotted salamander Drexel.


Betsy trying to get a good night's sleep.


Our eldest cat Nora, who we got even before Annemarie & I were married, rescued during the brutally cold winter of 2005 off the streets of Philadelphia.

Since 2006, we've lived in Cheltenham Township, just north of PhiladelphiaWe still return to Maine most summers.


Mount Katahdin, Baxter State Park, ME in 2013.

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