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Original and engaging content is always more effective in digital marketing.
Maine Focus Media is a small, family-owned business producing custom videos to tell your story, strengthen your brand and expand your reach. Check out our full-length videos below! 
  • This is our greatest hits video, a selection of different Maine Focus Media projects rolled into one.
  • It's a mix of evergreen content, one-off & personal projects. 
  • This is a 90 second intro video for an award-winning local creamery. 
  • We shot for an hour behind the scenes and then I came back for some exterior shots while they were open for business.  
  • This type of evergreen content can live online for years.
  • This is a 90 second intro video made for REALTOR® Adam Zaitz.
  • The objective was to illustrate his business skills while also humanizing him.  
  • This is another example of evergreen content.  
  • This is a 2 minute promotional video made to generate interest around a book launch.
  • It was created remotely via Zoom and turned around to the client in less than a week.
  • It's an example of time sensitive content designed around a launch or event.
  • This is a 2.5 minute intro video for Philadelphia dentist Edward Segal detailing his unique practice.
  • Dr. Segal has since retired but this is a nice memento of his decades long career. 
  • This is a hyperlocal documentary style piece from June 2020.  
  • It depicts a peaceful march to protest the murder of George Floyd, among too many others.
  • This is a 4 minute case study between client and consultancy that functions as a testimonial as well.
  • ​It was created during lockdown via Zoom
  • It's an example of evergreen content that can remain relevant in search and on your website for years.
  • This is a 30 second video created for REALTOR®, Adam Zaitz.
  • It showcases Kid's Castle, a popular local playground and helps establish him as a local expert. 
  • This video was shared on social then launched as a pay-per-click YouTube ad.
  • It's view rate was 41%. The typical average is 15-30%.  Well over 1/3 of people chose to view this ad rather than skip it. 
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